At Eddie's we proudly do all cars, SUV's RV's, boats, bikes, trailer's, interior repair, leather reconditioning, odor removal, engine cleaning, wheel detailing, carpet re-dyes, remove grime and oxidation, buffing, waxing and wheel cleaning and have Fleet rates available!!!


Proudly serving the areas of Golden, Applewood, Lakewood, Arvada, Wheatridge, Evergreen, Genesee and Edgewater CO!!!!


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BREAKING NEWS....BREAKING NEWS!!!!!  Here at Eddie's Auto Detailing....We are now offering hand washes while you wait for as low at $15.00 on cars.....Check out the SERVICES pages for all the new stuff we have going on and prices.......Check us out!!!!
Welcome to Eddie's Auto Detailing where you can be sure that your car will get the finest detailing services.  Eddie brings over 30 plus years of auto detailing experience to each car that comes through his doors.  If you need a standard auto detailing package or if your vehicle,  RV, boat, bike, or trailer needs a custom detailing package, call Eddie for an estimate at 720-201-9456 or stop by the shop.
Email us at EADTaylor@MSN.Com

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